The Project "Improving livelihoods of upland farmers using participatory approaches to develop more efficient livestock systems" has been approved recently by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The short title for the Project is "Development of Sustainable Forage Technologies for Resource-Poor Farmers in Asia" which was funded by ADB from January 2003. The new LLSP Project will conduct field research in Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, P.R. China and Viet Nam, while the Lao P.D.R. and Thailand will be involed in training and networking activites. The LLSP operates under an agreement between Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT) and ADB. In Thailand, the Department of Livestock Development (DLD) is the agency responsible for the implementation of the LLSP Project.


The purpose of the LLSP is to:

Improve the sustainable livelihood of small farmers in the uplands through intensification of crop-livestock systems, using farmer participatory approaches to improve and deliver forage and feed technologies.
Improve delivery mechanisms in participating DMCs for the dissemination of these technologies.





The Project has five outputs:

Integrated feeding systems for livestock that optimize the use of improved and indigenous fodders and crop residues, and farm labor
Improved methods to develop forage feed systems and extend them to new farmers, optimizing the use of M&E for feedback to others in the community.
Increased capacity in DMCs, at different levels, to expand the use of improved forage and feed systems and respond to local needs.
Comparison of development opportunities and meaket and logistic constraints for intensification of smallholder livestock systems across sites in five countries.
Improved regional interaction and linkages with national and donor funded development projects that ensure synergistic and multiplier effects.








          A full description of the LLSP (RETA Number 6067) appears in the Agreement signed by CIAT and ADB dated 7 January 2003 and in the Appendix 2, pages 16 - 28, of the ADB document TAR: RES 36472 'Proposed Technical Assistance for the Seventh Agriculture and Natural Resources Research at International Agricultural Research Centers".

         Thailand will contribute to outputs (iii) Capacity Building and (v) Linkage and Networking, and by undertaking spacific research studies with relevance to all countries in the LLSP. It is expected that Thailand will contribute to the LLSP by training selected participants from other countries in practical aspects of forage seed production. Thailand will also be involved in networking, providing Thai forage researchers an opportunity to interact and share experiences with clooeagues from CIAT and other countries involved in the LLSP project.


DLD agrees to support the LLSP as follows:

DLD will assign one person as the national coordinator of the LLSP in Thailand. The national coordinator will supervise activities of the LLSP in Thailand, act as liaison person between DLD and CIAT, establish linkages with relevant gevernment programs and research and development projects, and make national travel arrangements for visiting project scientists.
DLD recognizes the need for staff who receive training in the LLSP to continue working on the Project.
DLD and CIAT staff will develop an annual workplan by the end of February each year, setting out the proposed activities and budget for the year.
Funds for carrying out mutually agred upon research and training activities, as outlined in the annual workplan, will be provided by CIAT to the national coordinator after submission of the annual workplan. Successive payments will depend on performance targets having been achieved in the proceeding period and on adequate accounting (according to ADB requirements) of expenditure in the previous six-months. Unspent funds can be carried forward.
DLD will provide six-mouthly technical and financial reports to CIAT by 15 January and 15 July each year.
Expedite, in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations of Thailand necessary approvals for efficient conduct of the project, such as visa clearances, and clearance for import of seed and other project material used by th LLSP, free of import duties and other taxes.










CIAT agrees to:

Provide technical and financial support for specific research studies, networking and seed production training activities.  CIAT will assist DLD in the design, implementation, monitoring and evalution of project activities.
Provide forage germplasm, necessary meterials, travel and casual labor expenses, and training expenses for project activities as agreed to in the annual workplan.
Provide th opportunity for one person from Thailand to attend Annual Regional Project Meeting to establish and maintain linkages with co-workers in other countries in Southeast Asia.
Support th pubilcation of a regional newsletter and an Internet wabsite to foster linkages between forage R&D scientists in Southeast Asia.








The project will commence immediately, after signing of this Lettes of Understading by both parties and will terminatc on 31st December 2005, unless amended in a written agreement between DLD and CIAT.

Country Coordinator : Chaisang Phaikaew