Feeding Value Research  Forage




R3507 Value of Sugarcane Top and leucaena Leaves Silage 1993
R3510 The Nutritive Value and Taxanomy of Forage Crops 1993
R3512 Relation between In Vivo Nylon Bag and pepsin cellulaseIn Vitro Dry Matter
Digestibility of som Yropical Forage Species
R3607 Dry Matter and Protein Degradation of Stylosanthes hamata cv. Verano and Alysicarpus vaginalis in Rumen 1994
R3822  Nutritive Value of Vetiver Grass Silage Supplement with some Silage Additive 1996
R3824 Effect of Drying on Raminal Dry Matter and Protein Degradation of Some Tropical Legume Tree Forages 1996
R3318 Digestibility of Paspalum plicatulum for Ruminant 1991
R3319 Digestibility of Creeping signal (Brachiaria humidicola) at Different Cutting Intervals 1991
R3321 Comparative of Acid Detergent Fiber Determination Method in Forage 1991
R3213 Digestibility of Pacderie linearis 1990
R3001 Digestibility of Brachiaria miliiforms6 on Ban-Thon Soils. 1988
R3715 Analysis Chemical Composition of Vetiveria zizanioides Nash. for Using as Feedstuff 1995
R4017 Nutrition of Natural Plants for Animals Feeding in the part of Central Region 1998
R4315 Nutritive Values of some Legume Tree Forage Species Determined by In Vitro and In Vivo Methods 2001
R4316 Nutritive value Evaluation of Hay at Different Storage Periods.
3. Effect of Storage Periods on Quality of Panicum maximum TD58 Hay
R4508 Study on Arachis spp. (5) Dry Matter Yield and Chemical Composition of 11 Forage Arachis spp 2003