Animal Nutrition Research Swine and Other




R3407 Performance of Duroc - Meishan Fed Different Levels Protein Diets 1992
R3408 Effect of Low Dietary Energy and Protein Levels on Production of Duroc - Meishan Gilt 1992
R3410 The Effect of Restriction of Feed in Early Weaned Piglets 1992
R3501 Feeding of Fresh Par a – Grase With Concentrates for Fattening Piga 1993
R3303 Utilization of Green Sweet Potato Vines to Replace Parts of Mash for Fattening Pigs 1991
R3204 Utilization of Feresh para Grass Replacing Concentrate Feed for pig Fattening 1990
R3019 Utilization of High Carotene Cassava Chip (Rayong2) for Fattening Pig Ration 1988
R3703 Utilization of Water Hyacinth Leaf for Swine 1995
R3705 Nutrients Recommendation for Pig Feeds 3.Weaning Pigs (5-10 Kgs.) 1995
R3904 Nutriens Recommendation for pig Feeds 4.Pigs (Weight 10-20 Kgs) 1997
R3905 Nutrients Recommendation for Pig Feeds 5.Finishing Pigs (50-90 Kilograms) 1997
R4005 Use of Cassava Chip and Forage Legume Leaves in Rabbit Ration 1998
R4109 Use of Amaranth Meal in Pigs Rations 1999
R4215 Use of Hedge Lucern (Desmanthus Virgatus) in Pig Diets
1. Use of Hedge Lucern Meal in Growing Pigs
R4216 Use of Hedge Lucern (Desmanthus virgatus) in Pig Diets
Use of Hedge Lucern Meal in Finishing Pigs (60-100 Kilograms)