Animal Nutrition Research Beef Cattle and Buffalo




R3401 Utilization of Corn and Cob Meal as a Feed Supplement for Beef Cattle 1992
R3402 Utilization of Faddy Rice as Feed Supplement for Native cattle 1992
R3404 Utilization of Concentrates with pineapple Wastes for Cattle Fattening 1992
R3405 Feasible Cash Return from Modified Feed Formula for Small Farm Cattle Fattening 1992
R3409 Effect of Concentrate Supplementation on Growth Performance of Grazing Steer During Dry Season 1992
R3301 Minerals Status of Cattles Raising at the Peatland and Sandy Soils of Pikurn Thong Development Study Area 1991
R3302 The Performance and Semen Quality of Swamp and Murrah Buffalo Bulls fed on Fresh Leuceana Leaf 1991
R3306 Effect of Mineral Supplement on the Level of Blood constituents of Cattle Grazing Native Pasture 1991
R3202 Minerals Supplementation for Beef Cattle Grazing on Unimprovel Grazing Land in Peat Swamp Area 1990
R3103 The Supplement of Different Energy Sources to Green *Grass Based Ration for Fattening Cattle 1989
R3104 Utilization of Dried Poultry Manure and Dried Leucaena *Leaf as Protein Supplement to Beef Cattle 1989
R3009 The Preliminary Study of Cattle Supplement on Acacia auriculaeformis 1988
R3016 Utilization of Agro-Industrial By - Products for Cattle Fattening 1988
R3701 Utilization of Cotton Seed as Animal Feed. 3.Whole Cotton Seed and Cotton Seed Meal for Fattening Cattle 1995
R4002 Effects of Urea as Protein Source in Cassava Based Rations on Performance of Charolais-Brahman Crossbred Cattle 1998
R4003 Dried Desmanthus (Desmanthus virgatus) as a Protein Supplement for Feeding Cattle during Dry Season 1998
R4104 The Utilization of Pineapple Leaves for Fattening Cattle 1999
R4105 Use of Tomato Pomace as Animal Feed
3) Use of Dry Tomato Pomace as roughage for Steers
R4218 The Utilization of Complete Feed on Growth Performance of American Brahman x
Zimentol Cross-bred Male Cattle.
R4307 Palm Kernel Cake as a Protein Source in Concentrate for Beef Cattle 2001
R4308 Palm Kernel Cake as Feed Supplement for Beef Cattle 2001
R4309 Effects of Urea-Molasses-Mineral Blocks as a Supplemented Feed for Beef Cattle 2001
R4411 The Utilization of Pineapple Crowns as a Roughage for Fattening Cattle 2002
R4413 Effect of Feeding Paspalum spp. as the Roughage – based Diet on Growth
Performance of Beef Cattle
R4415 Supplementing Seasonal Agro-Industrial Wastes as Cattle Feed for Raising Male Brahman-Native Crossbred 2002
R4420 The Utilization of Pineapple Leaves or Rice Straw in Total Mixed Ration for Fattening Cattle 2002
R4515 Use of Vetiver Grass Silage as Basal Roughage for Cattle 2003